All beaded necklaces have fen shui but all may not have zen.

A pattern has a run or several runs of color and a single or multiple types of nuances. 

True fen shui in the beaded pattern is the interplay in the direction of the various vectors while virtual fen shui is that of the vectors as appreciated by the individual in the take on the pattern.

The vectors describing the true fen shui in this piece are the ones running from the left of the image to the right. i.e the vectors of light reflected from the left side by the brown beads which are directed to and absorbed by the black beads on the right. The nuances are offered by the vectors in the metal beads. 

The pattern is optically sound but subjective in its theme or interpretation. When the story in the pattern is recognized and thematically appreciated universally it has zen. Otherwise as in this piece the pattern remains a story expressed only by intuition and optically appreciated in its 'true view'.